Work Site Safety Reel Signs

We can supply your company with reel signs to help keep your work site safe.



Canister is 10" in diameter at top x 7.5 " deep.

Tape is 4" wide


The safety reel was designed to make your workplace and surroundings safer for your employees and to the general public. The canister is made of heavy duty plastic, and the reusable tape can be easily reeled back into the canister when not in use.

The reel may be mounted permanently or easily moved to a needed location. Easily adjusts to required length. Available in 25 foot to 150 foot tape lengths. Two colors are available...DANGER DO NOT ENTER (orange) or CAUTION (yellow).

Product Part Number
25' Reel Sign 5525
50' Reel Sign 5550
75' Reel Sign 5575
100' Reel Sign 55100
125' Reel Sign 55125
150' Reel Sign 55150